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The Proforest Field Audit App simplifies field audits and baseline assessments by providing easy access to checklists and supporting guidance. Users can collect data and export findings from their tablet and its clear, intuitive layout makes learning how to use the app easy.

There are three steps to using the app:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Manage your projects.
  3. Record and export your findings without any difficulty.


With a wide range of features, our application provides you with the best solution to manage your projects and record findings live from any location.

Project Management

This module allows you to manage your projects effectively and to assign checklists and commodities to a project. Projects for different clients or assessments can easily be created, modified and deleted. Findings can also be exported for a project.


This feature allows you to collaborate with other users of the application on one or more field projects. Findings (images, videos, voice notes, text) are recorded, uploaded and synchronized to all team members and accessible in a web dashboard.

Record Findings

Findings from field audits can be recorded offline and in multiple formats including text, images, videos and voice notes. GPS coordinates of audits fields can be captured and plotted on a map to know the scope of the field audit.

Export Findings

When the field data collection is complete users can then logon to the web dashboard to review and finalise findings before simply exporting text findings into one spreadsheet ready to be included in a report. Other supporting data (e.g. photos etc) are exported in an accompanying folder.

Multi Language Support

The application is currently available in French and English. You can easily switch between languages.


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Some Faqs

Yes. You can record findings offline and then sync them once you have internet connectivity.
Yes, your team members will see your recorded text findings once you sync them.
Yes, you can export your findings after they have been recorded with the application into a spreadsheet and folder of supporting media recordings (photos, videos, GPS shapefiles etc).
Your findings are confidential and accessible only to you and any team members that you have added to each project. The data are stored on a secure server and accessible only via your unique user login. For more information see the app Privacy Policy

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